Xô Xixi

SKU: MO9001

Do you have pets? 

If you do, you need to know the Xô Xixi®. It is a product that transform the domestic animal wastes into a solid mass, much easier to remove, reducing the wastes smell, being a much more hygienically and practical way to clean your home.

It eliminates the use of cleaning cloth, avoiding the contact with urine and animal wastes, absorbing it to remove easily with shovel in normal floor and with vacuum cleaner in carpets.

After the removal, Xô Xixi® eliminates the odor, providing hygiene and enjoyable aroma.

It is a useful product for owners of dogs, cats and other animals, mainly for those who live in apartments.

It is recommended for people who walk with the pet to family and friend’s houses, trips and even inside their homes, leaving the owners always prepared for any eventuality. 

The product is totally nontoxic and does not bring risks for human and animal health.